What you can do with DocSend


Stay in control of your fundraising documents

Ensure the right people have access to your documents with viewer whitelisting, password protection and watermarking. Get notified if your deck is forwarded and toggle access with one click. Update your pitch anytime, even after you hit send.

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Accelerate due diligence with modern data rooms

DocSend Spaces provide a personalized viewing experience for each investor, without compromising control or security. Share multiple documents with a single click and manage permissions down to individual recipients and documents.

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See how viewers are engaging with your documents

Leverage instant-read notifications and page-by-page analytics to track how and when investors engage with your documents — then tailor your next meeting accordingly!

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Do More and Move your Business Forward with DocSend

You can use DocSend for a number of business-critical functions including fundraising, board management, investor updates, contract management, sales enablement, customer onboarding, and more.